michelle...your belle (rosekissed) wrote,
michelle...your belle

just knock me out

"so wait if the second biosphere is in tucson wheres the first biosphere then?" hahah gotta love those crazy kairos kids. lmao.

so i left and came home to an empty house.
havent talked to any of them today. i feel SO loved.

had the most wonderful surprise today. i was driving home and talking with jasmine. and guess what i found! hot boy in black beamer left us his number on my window. heck yes. couldnt read the numbers too well but hey a few tries and im sure we'll figure it out. hahahaha. yesterday was amazing. at the gas station and then in the parking line for fucking spring fling. ha driving in was the best part.

ACTs are the worst invention ever. i think testing in general is. i refuse to take them over if i have to. so fucking stupid. id rather stay in state then take them again.

just put me out of my fucking misery someone please. so last night was eh. i mean i got to be with her. thats always fun. but at the same time it sucked balls. too much stupid shit going on. just get over it puhlease. first all that fucking line waiting and shit gave me a headache. then i had to fucking track down the brother. who fucking walks out to river thinking im parked out there. i think i lost my voice trying to talk to him. or it was more of a yelling at eachother and him hanging up on me 2187321973192 times. i dont get why we're not getting along anymore. it was good for awhile. and now its fucking stupid. i hate it. car ride home after dropping his friend off was fucking torture ONCE again. so i had a massive migraine and back/knee pain and just wanted a drink. but no nothing could go my way. mom was sitting in the kitchen (at 1 in the morning) reading....bleh. sigh...fuck it. i think she can read my mind sometimes. eh so i popped 8 tylenol. and fell asleep fine.
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