michelle...your belle (rosekissed) wrote,
michelle...your belle

the villian always gets the girl

craving my bed
craving you
craving these thoughts
craving your touch
craving the feeling of pain
craving the feeling of feelings
craving my addictions again
craving my bad bad addictions
craving this hatred
been craving to say fuck you but the words wont leave my mouth

i think i need sleep
shouldnt be needing all this shit
my head is definitely not on right
my pillow is calling my name but i refuse to answer
because i know once i start dreaming it will end up a nightmare
its always been like that- especially with you

i got soul but im no soldier.

shes right something is wrong. nothing explains it self. weight loss. cant eat. cant sleep. nothing feels right. i hate how we are such alike. because i know your pain exactly. and i wish you didnt go through what i go through. you dont deserve it. i love you too much for that.
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