michelle...your belle (rosekissed) wrote,
michelle...your belle

your lips are so very irresistable

she tells me i am beautiful and funny
and is surprised at my current status
i wish i could agree with her.

if i saw you i think i might throw up in your face.

you make me sick. get your head on straight and stop being
a shit head and messing with people. especially her.

dont ever fucking mess with her. i hate seeing her sad/upset/depressed/anything but happy... so to anyone who would have enough fucking guts to make her sad or any of the above i will personaly see to it that it gets taken care of. i love her too much for anyone to add on to everything thats already going on. so fuck off.

i get my prom dress tomorrow...wish me luck.
it will probably be the most depressing event.
just having to think about prom is. the only reason that im going is rico.
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