michelle...your belle (rosekissed) wrote,
michelle...your belle

can i just have one taste of your lips

i needed tonight so bad. i needed you so bad.
thank you. i had an amazing time. even if it was in a parking lot.
hey you never know what could happen in one of those. "only one in the hole at a time please" hehehehe. i love you.

i so deserve this fucking whip lash. deserve it terribly. sigh at least everything else was alright...if you know what i mean. hahaha. its going to be hell tomorrow at the tournament but hey..i deserve it. but its worth it. everything we do is soo fucking worth it. in a hot car too! heck yes.

will someone plesae call me tomorrow and just talk with me.
i dont like being away from everything and everyone.
i hope i can handle it. god im getting so atached to people lately.
i dont like it. its not healthy. but i cant live without their good in my life...even for a day. please just call me and let me know you here. i love you all a lot.
ps you should call and wish me luck any how (on my dress finding and game playing)

i wish i could sleep. but my neck hurts. my knees burn. and my heart aches. it will be a long night.

ps this weekend and wek will be a long one.
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