michelle...your belle (rosekissed) wrote,
michelle...your belle

behind these eyes

officially had my first anxiety attack.
i would be rather appreciative if i never had one ever again.
if you weren't in the car i would probably have found a cliff to drive off of. so thank you for having to witness that. (and im sorry as well...)

tonight was definitely interesting.
odd and almost unbareable but good...?

i have come to loathe that touch.
that smell. that look. those eyes.
it makes my skin crawl. just the thought makes me sick.
ironically the phone saved me this time. hmmm...

still a little weirded out by the tank and the scary amounts of undercover cops. thought they caught me for a second...haha.

giving blood today felt good. i feel like for once in a long time i have accomplished something worth while. i mean its still possible that could get ruined. i wont go into details. but for right now i feel a little better about myeslf.

oh wait that was shot to hell also today.

bad. bad. bad. me. shoe shopping turned into a disaster!
not only did i not get shoes. i used shoe money for clothes.
which i definitely didnt need. that was just bad.
i think that partly led up to the anxiety attack...sigh.

i need need need this weekend.
not the prom part. the party part.
warning i will have one hall of a hangover on monday.
so dont mess. hahaha.
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