michelle...your belle (rosekissed) wrote,
michelle...your belle

i stumble over thoughts of you

i hate goodbyes.
i hate endings.
i hate change.
i hate this.
i hate you.

im scared. im actually terrified. im disgusted with things i have been hearing and seeing and feeling. i dont know if summer will be good for me. but i know one thing for sure...i dont want to be a senior. i am not ready to say goodbye. at all.

i have nothing here left to regret. but i do wish i could start over this semester and do things a little differently. who knows where i would be right now though. i probably wouldnt have you as good as i do. i dont want you to leave this summer.

here to the class of 2000whatever. i hope you had the time of your life. and to us finishing off our four years...lets make it the time of our lives.

Every time I turn around
I think I've got it all figured out
My heart keeps calling and I keep on falling
Over and over again
The sad story always ends the same
Me standing in the pouring rain
It seems no matter what I do
It tears my heart in two

****my coach always tells us - leave it all on the court. regret nothing.
well heres to no regrets...
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