michelle...your belle (rosekissed) wrote,
michelle...your belle

im so far gone now ive been runing on empty

awkward night.
memory lane- thats a good one.
many others things just weird and out of place
i dont know if i like it yet

What makes us burn every bridge we cross?
Or walk aimlessly into oncoming traffic?
Third times a charm, but would we even get that far?
Though I owed it to everyone, but I really owe it to myself
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let's talk
i would love that
memory lane is fun with a certain somebody if you know what i'm talking about heheh that one night was fun and got him all confused and since thats how i spend my time talking with him last night was really funny and but it always is like that drunk or sober lol so ya and most of them are all read and looked over i couldn't delete a few but maybe later hehe wow this is so pathetic!! but that other person just needs to let it go if that was the best night for him because of that then damn he needs to get out more i'm sure that happens to a lot of people lol
luv ya
hahahahah yeh no kidding. most uncomfortable thing ever. ehh what can you do. lol. love you.