michelle...your belle (rosekissed) wrote,
michelle...your belle

can i just have one taste of your lips

i needed tonight so bad. i needed you so bad.
thank you. i had an amazing time. even if it was in a parking lot.
hey you never know what could happen in one of those. "only one in the hole at a time please" hehehehe. i love you.

i so deserve this fucking whip lash. deserve it terribly. sigh at least everything else was alright...if you know what i mean. hahaha. its going to be hell tomorrow at the tournament but hey..i deserve it. but its worth it. everything we do is soo fucking worth it. in a hot car too! heck yes.

will someone plesae call me tomorrow and just talk with me.
i dont like being away from everything and everyone.
i hope i can handle it. god im getting so atached to people lately.
i dont like it. its not healthy. but i cant live without their good in my life...even for a day. please just call me and let me know you here. i love you all a lot.
ps you should call and wish me luck any how (on my dress finding and game playing)

i wish i could sleep. but my neck hurts. my knees burn. and my heart aches. it will be a long night.

ps this weekend and wek will be a long one.
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that had to be the best SOBER besides me on cold medicine and totally out if itnight we had in a long time! lol and yes Michelle put it in the whole!!!!!!!lol wow i bet those guys thought we were totally crazy not like everyone else doesn't but hey whip lash seriously has to be the biggest bitch out there wow in so much pain heheh i love my outings with you girly although this one was in a parking lot same thing hehe
hope your tournament went well and that you beat your dad home and you won.......WERIDO!!!! i joke
haha yeh i did beat them home by like a fucking hour...whores. anyways...yeh im sitting at home by myself and not going to practice because of my neck. i cant even get out of bed by myself. by mom and brother had to carry me out of bed. it is fucking terrible!!! how did we get this bad of whip lash....sigh. i miss you. love you.