michelle...your belle (rosekissed) wrote,
michelle...your belle

i got soul but im not a SOLDIER

i wish i didnt have a photographic memory.
then i wouldnt have to see all these things in my mind.

i have lost my sense of judgement.
and yesterday i bought a one-way ticket to hell. joy.
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tell me about it, oh my gosh. i wish that i didn't think about what happend all of the time. i am so sorry that thinking about it makes you feel sick. i wander if they think about it like we do? all i kno is that everytime i drive through my driveway i will think about it.
i guess there is no escaping memories like
these. i guess we should find the good parts
what track is that, 5 on the cd?

we totally had a blast finding it on your iPod
i kno!!! ok sad sad news...deleting this journal. tear. call me we need to talk and stuff. but yeh...ill be in touch ;)

woah, we need to talk